The mission of Huntington West Little League is to promote, develop, supervise and voluntarily assist youth by teaching sportsmanship, building self-esteem, providing service, and advancing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty.
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Westminster Field Parking Rules

  • No parking in lot near the Majors field without permit or handicapped placard.

WHY?: This parking lot known as the “teachers lot” is limited. There are still teachers that work at the school who come in to work on Saturday and work late on the weekdays. Permits are limited to umpires (who are working a game that day), team managers (sorry coaches), board members and handicapped vehicles.  Many spaces near the Majors field should be avoided due to flying baseballs. This severely limits the parking spaces in this lot.  There is plenty of parking at the front of both Finley and Johnson schools.

  • No yellow zone parking during the week (Saturday and Sunday OK).

WHY?:  During the week there is after school daycare until late in the afternoon.  Parents and vendors still use the yellow zone to pick up their kids from school.  The school has asked us to not park here during the week on school days.

  • No parking in the alley or blocking field access gates (fire access).

WHY?:  The alley and field access gates need to be clear for emergency vehicles. This is the main access to fire personnel to get onto the field in order to deal with fire or injury to a child.  Parking in the alley will not allow a large fire truck to pass through.

Bethany Church Parking Rules

  • No access to the parking lot at Bethany Church during the week or Sunday.

WHY?:  Bethany Church has graciously allowed us to use their parking lot on Saturdays. They have school during the week that runs into late afternoon and also church on Sundays.  Every once in a while they have an event like a wedding, funeral or other program on a Saturday that will not allow us to park in their lot.  Those dates are below and also listed on the website.

  • No jumping the fence between the parking lot and the field.

WHY?: This is just common sense.  The gate is locked for a reason.  More than likely you weren’t supposed to be using the parking lot that day.  Doing this can cause the church to stop allowing us to use their parking lot.

Parking on Saturday is OK except for the following 2016 dates due to church events:

  • April 9

  • May 14

  • May 21

  • July 9


Robinwood Field Parking Rules

  • No parking on the grass.

WHY?: This is not a valid parking spot and you may get a ticket from the city.

  • Do not move the red cones to park. These are for our umpires.

WHY?: We try to reserve some parking for umpire volunteers.  You know how hard it is to get them.  Please give them this perk to keep them coming back.

Remember: This is a public park not for baseball only.


Westminster and Robinwood Field Guidelines

  • No drinking alcohol at the fields.

WHY?: For the biggest reason is it is illegal and sets a bad example for the kids.

  • No tobacco products allowed on school property.

WHY?: This is school policy even when no school is in session.  We are on school property so we must abide by school policy.

  • No dogs (or pets) allowed on school property.

WHY?: This is school policy even when no school is in session.  We are on school property so we must abide by school policy.

  • Please clean up your trash at the fields and parking lots.

WHY?: We all should use common courtesy to keep it clean.

  • HWLL is not responsible for damage to vehicles in the parking lots.

WHY?: Common sense is you don’t park your vehicle close to flying baseballs or you take the chance of a dent or broken window.  We can’t be responsible for someone’s lack of common sense.



HWLL Board of Directors