The mission of Huntington West Little League is to promote, develop, supervise and voluntarily assist youth by teaching sportsmanship, building self-esteem, providing service, and advancing the virtues of character, courage and loyalty.
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May 30th, 2015

Robinwood Fields

9am: Parade and Trophies

Games, Prizes, Dunk Tank, Water Slide, Food

(Sign ups immediately after parade at Minor B field)
10am: Home Run Derby - TBall & Minor B
11am: Home Run Derby - Farm & Minor A
12pm: Home Run Derby - Minor C & Majors

Voting for next years Board from 10am-1pm
(If you are interested in being on the board next year


TOC is a single game elimination tournament consisting of the top two teams from Divisions Minor B and higher and played against other Distict 62 teams.
Held from Sat, June 6-13.

TOC Schedule

District 62 All Stars is a double elimination tournament consisting of top players chosen by players, coaches and managers.  We will have 5 teams participate this season: Ages 8/9, 9/10, 10/11, 11/12, 13/14. 
Held from Sat, June 20-July 2.
Teams that win this tournament will move on to another tournament.

ALL STAR Schedule




Juniors     No Visual Bracket Available



5:00 PM

Shockers 4 - Titans 2



5:00 PM

Shockers 9 - Titans 7


Congratulations to the Junior Shockers for winning the division.  Good luck to the Shockers and Titans in TOC



    See Visual Bracket
5/11/2015 Mon 5:00 PM Game 1 / Knights vs Dirtbags
5/12/2015 Tues 5:00 PM Game 2 / Gamecocks vs Huskers
5/13/2015 Weds 5:00 PM Game 3 / Vols vs Dirtbags
5/16/2015 Sat 11:00 AM Game 5 / Huskers vs Dirtbags
5/16/2015 Sat 2:00 PM Game 4 / Bruins vs Gamecocks
5/18/2015 Mon 5:00 PM Game 6 / Knights vs Gamecocks
5/20/2015 Wed 5:00 PM Game 7 / Vols vs Bruins
5/21/2015 Thurs 5:00 PM Game 8 / Dirtbags vs Gamecocks
5/26/2015 Tues 5:00 PM Game 9 / Gamecocks vs Bruins
5/28/2015 Thurs 5:00 PM Game 10 / Vols vs Bruins
      Congratulations to the Majors Vols for winning the division. Good luck to both the Vols and Bruins in TOC
Minor A     See Visual Bracket
5/11/2015 Mon 5:00 PM Game 1 / Aztecs vs Chargers
5/12/2015 Tues 5:00 PM Game 2 / Gauchos vs Trojans
5/13/2015 Weds 5:00 PM Game 3 / Dirtbags vs Warriors
5/16/2015 Sat 11:00 PM Game 5 / Gauchos vs Dirtbags
5/16/2015 Sat 2:00 PM Game 6 / Trojans vs Warriors
5/16/2015 Sat 5:00 PM Game 4 / Titans vs Chargers
5/18/2015 Mon 5:00 PM Game 7 / Aztecs vs Dirtbags
5/19/2015 Tues 5:00 PM Game 8 / Warriors vs Chargers
5/20/2015 Weds 5:00 PM Game 9 / Gauchos vs Titans
5/21/2015 Thurs 5:00 PM Game 10 / Dirtbags vs Warriors
5/26/2015 Tues 5:00 PM Game 11 / Dirtbags vs Titans
5/28/2015 Thurs 5:00 PM Game 12 / Gauchos vs Titans
5/29/2015 Fri 5:00 PM Game 13 / Gauchos vs Titans
Minor B     See Visual Bracket
5/11/2015 Mon 5:00 PM Game 1 / Tigers vs Trolls
5/12/2015 Tues 5:00 PM Game 2 / Titans vs Bruins
5/13/2015 Weds 5:00 PM Game 3 / Anteaters vs Gators
5/16/2015 Sat 11:00 AM Game 6 / Titans vs Anteaters
5/16/2015 Sat 2:00 PM Game 8 / Bruins vs Gators
5/16/2015 Sat 5:00 PM Game 4 / T-Herd vs Vikings
5/18/2015 Mon 5:00 PM Game 5 / Tigers vs Vikings (RW)
5/18/2015 Mon 5:00 PM Game 7 / Trolls vs T-Herd (WM A)
5/20/2015 Wed 5:00 PM Game 9 / T-Herd vs Titans (RW)
5/20/2015 Wed 5:00 PM Game 10 / Gators vs Vikings (WMA)
5/21/2015 Thurs 5:00 PM Game 11 / Tigers vs Anteaters (RW)
5/21/2015 Thurs 5:00 PM Game 12 / T-Herd vs Vikings (WM A)
5/26/2015 Tues 5:00 PM Game 13 / Vikings vs Anteaters
5/28/2015 Thurs 5:00 PM Game 14 / Tigers vs Vikings
      Congratulations to the Minor B Tigers for winning the division. Good luck to both the Tigers and Vikings in TOC



We have some parking and field guidelines that need to be followed at our field locations. These guidelines are provided to keep the fields safe for use and also at the request of the Cities and School District the properties are permitted by.

View a complete explanation of these guidlines HERE

Westminster Field Parking Rules

  • No parking in lot near the majors field without permit or handicapped placard. Who is permitted?
  • No yellow zone parking during the week (Saturday and Sunday OK).
  • No parking in the alley or blocking field access gates (fire access).

    Bethany Church Parking Rules
  • No access to the parking lot at Bethany Church during the week or Sunday.
  • No jumping the fence to access the fields.
  • Parking on Saturday is OK except for the following dates due to church events:
    • March 14
    • April 18
    • May 9
    • May 16
    • June 6

Robinwood Field Parking Rules

  • No parking on the grass.
  • Do not move the red cones to park. These are reserved for the days umpire volunteers.
  • This is a public park not for baseball only.


Westminster and Robinwood
Field Guidelines

  • No drinking alcohol at the fields.
  • No tobacco products allowed on  school property.
  • No dogs (or pets) allowed on school property.
  • Please clean up your trash at the fields and parking lots.
  • HWLL is not responsible for damage to vehicles in the parking lots.





- Tuesday May 26th semi-final playoff games
- Thursday May 28th final playoff games
- Saturday May 30th Closing Day and Carnival
- Tournament of champions begins Saturday June 6th (Minor B and up)
- All Stars late June into July (Ages 8 and up)


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Huntington West Little League
is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.
Your donation is tax deductable!
Field Status
Buckingham Park Fields - Westminster OPEN (5/30) 
Robinwood Fields - Huntington Beach OPEN (5/30) 
Westminster Cages - Westminster OPEN (5/30) 
Westminster Fields - Westminster OPEN (5/30) 
Field Closure Dates
No Little League events or practices are allowed on the below closure dates:
Updated 03/10/15, 8:50pm
Westminster (Finley)
Fields and Cages are CLOSED
on the following dates:

Sat, June 6 - Sat School until 1pm

are CLOSED on
the following dates:


Westminster (Buckingham)
Fields are CLOSED on
the following dates:

All Wednesdays
July - January

Location and Field Maps

Mailing Address:
Huntington West Little League
PO Box 1384
Huntington Beach, Ca 92647

Westminster Fields - Physical Address (no mail):
Westminster Fields Map
13521 Edwards St, 
Westminster, Ca 92683

Robinwood Fields - Physical
Address (no mail):
Robinwood Fields Map
15796 Graham St.,
Huntington Beach, Ca

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